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Dog Medical Trainer

​​Dog Trainer , Breeder

DogFood Advisor

Rin Inaba(Mother Agueha)

She is a returnee who was born in Osaka and raised in Tasmania, Australia. She is from Tasmania State University and is bilingual in English and Japanese. A little Korean.She opened Tamba Mother Garden as a moderator, wedding event producer, macrobiotic restaurant producer, singer-songwriter, etc. 
She is a concurrent patients with SLE and ITP, a country-specific intractable disease.Decided on stopping medicine and Western medicine, and started fighting on her own.Since then, she has succeeded in improving her symptoms by overturning her life expectancy.Cervical cancer has also been completely cured without overcoming the hospital.
There are Mijyu Agueha and Rin as pen names as a lyricist, composer, and singer, but there are also many music works under the alias.
The inscription on the right is where there's a will there's a way.


Facility Manager

Dog Trainer , Breeder

Nozomi Tomishima(Zommy)

Born in Takehara City, Hiroshima , he is from Sonoda Women's University. Health and physical education teacher qualifications. Gender identity disorder FTM.
Active as a trainer and breeder who is very popular due to his natural loved character and  small body. Hobbies include collecting character goods, watching pandas, watching animals, and movies.
His goal for some time is to learn English, and he is determined to become a world-class dog trainer and breeder.


Dog Trainer , Breeder

Environmental maintenance leader

Kazuma Ogami

Born in Kashihara, Osaka, dropped out of Hannan University. Former Wonder Vogel member and experienced numerous climbing activities such as the Southern Alps. Engaged in activities as a stage actor since college, he became a wedding MC in the 30s in Agueha Wedding.
After that, worked at the Tamba Mother Garden as a breeder after working at bartenders and restaurants. Taking advantage of the masculinity of the mountain, he is watching the growth of dogs while maintaining the mountain in Tamba. 


WEB Creater

Dog Breeder

Hiroaki Oka

Born in Settsu, Osaka, graduated from the Visual Arts College Drum Performance Department. He has been active as a composer, arranger and pianist. While working as a web creator, he continues to learn more creatively about personal computer work while providing music and performing music. 
His special skill is studying, especially mathematics. He had a previous communication disability, but Mother Agueha was met and turned into a bright and social.
After that, he gained experience as a breeder and is working to connect dogs, music and online at Tamba Mother Garden.


Consultant pharmacist

Etsuhiko Ueno (Ueno Pharmacy)


Consultant pharmacist

Etsuhiko Ueno (Ueno Pharmacy)

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