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We can take care of your doggy during long vacations and travel !

In addition to cages , indoor spaces and walks in the neighborhood like a traditional pet hotel,  your doggy can freely play around the grounds of the Tamba Mother Garden without leading.

​Please let us know if you wish to have discipline or basic training during stay.
If you want to have your doggy play with Tamba Mother Garden's doggys during stay, please contact us. Spending as a member of a group is a great socialization training for doggys.

Puppy and old doggys are available depending on the content, but please contact us for cautions.

Of course, we also take care of it in the indoor space, so please let us know what you want at the meeting. Please feel free to contact us first.

About Cancellation Fee

100% cancellation fee will be incurred if the reservation is canceled for any reason after the reservation is confirmed by telephone or email.

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