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Tamba Mother Garden Private Dog Run


The most distinctive feature is its “Height Difference”

The dog run of Tamba Mother Garden is located in the mountains, and there is a height difference of 10 meters or more on the site.
This height difference is very important. If they run around and play, of course, just taking a walk will
resolve your doggy's lack of exercise. They can also prevent aging by using muscles they don't normally use!


Why is the “Height Difference” good?

When we climb up and down hills, you may realize that you used muscles that you don't normally use. That's the same for doggy.Exercise in a dog run with a difference in height uses muscles that they don't use much in their usual walk, so they can train legs naturally.It prevents the muscle weakness of the legs, which is common for city doggys , and provides health support!
And another point is that the ground is soil.Some people may be shy that it looks dirty ... However, because it's a soft earth ground, they can run around as much as they want without putting an extra burden on the joints such as knees.
It may be easy to understand if you imagine running on a sandy beach. You use more power than usual with the same amount of exercise, don't you? The doggys who wanna run a lot will surely be satisfied.


This dog run can be used as a charter for a vast land with a natural area of ​​approximately 5,000 ㎡.
Even if you say 5,000 ㎡, it may be difficult to imagine. A square with a side of about 70m. It may be easy to understand if you think of it as a small baseball field in town.
Because it is a charter, large doggys and super large doggys that are difficult to play with due consideration to their surroundings can run around freely.Enjoy the wilderness surrounded by mountains and streams!
In addition to using it as a dog run, you can use it in various ways such as camping or BBQ with your doggy.
It is also used for off parties with doggys, so please feel free to consult us about bringing in events.

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About cancellation fee

The following cancellation fee will be incurred if the reservation is canceled for any reason after the reservation is confirmed by telephone or email.

Cancel more than 1 week ago No cancellation fee

Cancel 1 week ago             50% of the fee

Cancel the day before                80% of the fee

​Cancellation on the day             100% of the fee

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